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For this assignment I worked with Tracy and Kat. It was very helpful that Kat began by taking the reigns by gathering us together as a group. Initially, we communicated with Twitter direct messages, and e-mail. We established a loose timeline for when we wanted to complete the assignment.

From there,  we wanted to create a mind map of the communication factors. We began communicating in the Google Doc, then in Popplet –the tool we used for this assignment. We each provided initial edits, questions,  and comments to the given “Group Communication Factors”. After we each provided comments, we decided that the easiest next step would be to divide up the factors, make edits based on all the comments and ideas provided, then revisit as a group once each member provided the revised factors. See the link below for our final draft:

Group Work: Small Group Communication Factors


Popplet was easy to use overall, but it seemed to lack features to make it especially useful for collaboration. We couldn’t make comments on each others work, just off of the original bubbles. I am not sure in what context I would use this with my students, however I appreciated learning to use a new application with a group.

Communication in the group was good overall, but there were a few areas I think we could improve. For me personally, I ended up having a busier week than I intended (packing, moving… among other things). I should have communicated ahead of time that my primary availability was late in the evening, and that there was one day I couldn’t connect at all. I recognize that my absence on that day delayed our group’s work.  As a group, for next time I would suggest limiting our communication to one application. It was a little more time consuming in the beginning finding messages in e-mail, twitter, or on google. My preference would be to communicate on Google Hangouts because we could type asynchronous messages, and also do video chats for times that we all can meet up.

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  1. Good meta-thinking about the process. You are on the right track in carefully considering a small selection of tools to facilitate collaboration. Of course I intentionally don’t prescribe that for this activity because that is kind of the point!

    Good collaboration is a combination of technologies and soft skills and I have yet to be part of any group that has it perfected…

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